Turn Supervisors

Where: Santa Maria BMX, 4040 S Highway 101, Santa Maria, CA 93455 Contact: Santa Maria BMX Contact Email: SantaMariaBMX805@gmail.com Contact Phone: (805) 724-2442 Open Volunteer Spots: 3

3 positions available–one in each turn

  1. Supervise turns 1-3 to ensure riders stay within the track lines, & maintain a safe flow of traffic.
  2. Encourage riders to practice good sportsmanship, persistence, perseverance, & healthy competition.
  3. Protect downed riders by immediately notifying the gate operator: hold your hand up and call out: “Rider Down”!
  4. If possible, stand with your back to the downed rider while directing other riders around the downed rider.
  5. Once the other riders are clear of the area, attend to the downed rider(s).
  6. Encourage and allow the rider(s) to get their own bodies and bikes up if they are capable of doing so. During a race, it is important to provide support WITHOUT assistance (when possible) so as not to disrupt the finishing positions.
  7. Give a thumbs up if the rider is ok and working on getting up on their own, so parents and other track officials know the status.
  8. If the rider, or you, need more assistance, or time, hold a fist in the air to signal others to come to assist, while you comfort the rider and assess the situation. 
  9. If the rider is injured, do not attempt to remove any gear, or move the rider yourself unless you are a trained medical professional or the rider needs emergency/life-saving measures that you are trained to provide. 
  10. Once the rider(s) and track are clear, notify the gate operator that it is safe to resume dropping the gate. Letting everyone know “ALL CLEAR”. (Please be sure to scan the crash area for any track maintenance issues that may need attention, any holes, scrapes, loose dirt etc. and either correct if trained or call for help from track maintenance/track operator).

Please be read the USABMX rulebook and be aware of the official rules.

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