Proficiency Advancement

As stated in the USABMX Rule book:

1. After attaining 10 class wins (of any type of race) or three (3) title wins (National, Grands, Gold Cup Final Sat or Sun, or Race of Champions), a Novice must advance to Intermediate. They can no longer compete as a Novice.

2. Upon attaining 20 class wins (any type of race) or five (5) title wins (National, Grands, Gold Cup Final Sat or Sun, or Race of Champions), a male Intermediate will advance to Expert.

3. Upon attaining 10 class wins (any type of race) or five (5) title wins (National, Grands, Gold Cup Final Sat or Sun, or Race of Champions), a female Intermediate will advance to Expert Girls.

4. It is the rider’s responsibility to advance in proficiency when they reach the required number of wins for advancement. Riding out of class will result in the forfeiture of points and possible suspension. Do not wait until you receive your new card, it will follow within a few weeks.

5. A rider may advance to the next higher proficiency voluntarily without acquiring the total amount of wins by registering to race in a higher proficiency. No Sanction approval is required for this action; the right to reclassify is forfeited for one (1) full year.

6. Open and cruiser class wins do not count for advancement.

7. Sandbagging is prohibited. Any Novice or Intermediate rider having been determined to have intentionally avoided a win towards proficiency advancement will be disqualified and moved to last place. Last place points will be issued and the applicable award (if any) will be forfeited. Additionally, a move-up credit towards advancement will be issued.

8. A track operator may request the Sanction to advance a rider in proficiency based on that rider’s ability and/or actions.

9. The Sanction reserves the right to advance any rider’s proficiency at its discretion.

10. Any rider competing with another organization may be required to compete in the equivalent proficiency at all sanctioned events. This decision rest entirely with the sanction.

11. Any rider having exited the sport for a period of time and

5 reapplying for membership, will be classified with the same number of wins and at the same skill level as when they exited. Exceptions are explained per Section VI, Reclassification – Amateur/Pro.

12. Any current Cruiser rider earning a NAG (#1-10), Gold Cup #1 or ROC plate, will be classified as NO LESS than an Intermediate rider. Exceptions may be requested through the Competition Committee. IV. Amateur Class Creation / Move-up Procedures

1. Three (3) or more amateur riders is defined as a legal class. This applies to all events.

2. All riders must maintain a current membership in order to compete.

3. Novice riders are restricted to a standard flat pedal only; regardless of what 20” class the rider might end up competing in that day. Interlocking-pedal cleat systems where the shoe is attached to the pedal are restricted to riders Intermediate or higher in proficiency. No Exceptions. Novice riders must still use flat pedals when combined into a higher proficiency class.

4. All new female members have the option to be classified as a Novice and will compete in the Novice class (male and female) at all events.

5. Any female Novice that voluntarily signs up and competes in a Expert Girl class will be required to race in the Expert Girls class at all events.

6. A Expert Girl rider may opt to register and compete in a Expert class at single-point races only.

7. All riders must ride in their correct classes, no arbitrary class changing is allowed. Example: no Intermediate may move up to a class above his own to avoid getting a first or turning Expert. No Expert may move up to the next Intermediate class for easier competition. Riding out of class will result in a forfeiture of points and possible suspension.


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