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Rules to Ride

Please review all instructions before heading to the track. We know it’s a lot – but by registering you agree to abide by these rules!

IF we want the track to be allowed to be, and stay open, we must all follow the guidelines, be respectful of the new rules, and of those around us!


First and foremost, if you or anyone in your home is not well or has been exposed to someone who is not well: PLEASE STAY HOME! If you need a credit for events you are unable to attend due to illness or exposure, please let us know.

-Attendees are strongly encouraged to wash their hands frequently, sanitize belongings, escort minors to the restrooms to ensure proper handwashing, cover coughs and sneezes, and avoid touching their faces.

-Santa Maria BMX is sanctioned by USA BMX. As members of USA BMX, it is each rider’s responsibility to understand and abide by the current rules spelled out in their rulebook. Please be certain you are aware of what those are. If you have questions, feel free to ask us, or contact USABMX directly.


-All athletes on the track must have a current USABMX membership. Please confirm your membership prior to arrival by going to Memberships on USABMX.COM We will not be processing memberships onsite. 

-NEW RIDERS are welcome to check out the track. Please fill out a free 1-Day trial Membership and review the NEW RIDERS INFORMATION before coming.

-All athletes are required to wear long sleeves, gloves, long pants, full-face helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS

-NO sharing of personal bikes, helmets, tools, or equipment. -NO rental equipment is available at the track.


-No stopping on the track, or resting in the chutes.

– Please follow the new directional flow of traffic and markings on the ground. Please do not go through landscaping or move any cones, fences, ropes, or restricted, or taped-off areas.

-Only people working are allowed in the infield and the staging area.


-Spectators/parents are encouraged to stay along the top outer side of the white fencing above the track in their own chairs. Please do not congregate in groups on the bleachers, below the track, near the gate, staging area, or office.

– Parents – If your Strider requires accompaniment on the track, please wear appropriate shoes to not tear up the track, walk carefully to help maintain the track surface, and limit the number of people on the track itself

Children 8 and under may have 1 adult assist them in the chutes.

-Parents/guardians ARE required to be present on-site for all minors in the event of an emergency. Please do not leave. If you need something to do, sign-up to volunteer or feel free to get a membership and ride with your child!

Food & Beverages:
-Santa Maria BMX will not be selling concessions. Please be certain to pack in, and pack out any food or drinks you need during your time at the track. If we are able to make arrangements to have Food vendors on-site during our track time, we will make that known.
-Only track volunteers are allowed on the track during racing events. No riders or spectators who are not riding will be permitted. If a rider crashes, track officials will attend to the rider and will notify the family if they are needed on the track, otherwise, family members may retrieve the rider at the finish line, once track officials have provided initial care.
Your attendance and participation in activities at Santa Maria BMX is voluntary, therefore, Santa Maria BMX, The Track Operator, Staff, and Volunteers are not responsible if you become ill or injured.


Please use our online pre-sign and contactless payment option below, prior to coming to the track. If you are unable to do so, please bring exact change to the track.

Payment and registration, both online and in-person, are an acknowledgment that you have read the rules and are choosing to voluntarily participate in the activities at Santa Maria BMX. 


Support Your Track

Santa Maria BMX is a nonprofit organization that solely operates through our volunteers and donations. Thank you in advance for your support!

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