Getting Involved

On a nightly basis, we need your help in order to keep things going safely and smoothly. We are all there to cheer on and support our children. We understand not everyone can help each night. When you can pitch it, look around and ask where you can help out!

Keep an eye out for events and opportunities that might be of interest to you, or be able to bring out some of your talents.

It takes a village and we are grateful you are a part of ours!

Santa Maria BMX is a Not-For-Profit USABMX Track 


In order to provide a place for riders to enjoy the sport of BMX, it requires a lot of hard work! 

Many hands make light work… 

Where can you help out?


  • Track Maintenance – water, sweep, weed-removal, assist with surface prep.  (RACE DAYS, PRACTICE DAYS, OFF DAYS)
  • Track Improvements – improvement projects to make the track better (OFF DAYS)
  • Track Preparation – lights, gate, (RACE DAYS, PRACTICE DAYS)
  • Gate Operator – run the gate (RACE DAYS, PRACTICE DAYS)
  • Announcer –  announce motos, set-up sound system (RACE DAYS)
  • Registration – register racers, sign up new members, print moto sheets (RACE DAYS, PRACTICE DAYS)
  • Trophies/Awards – distribute trophies/awards (RACE DAYS)
  • Staging – make sure all riders are in the correct moto and gate, with the correct number plate (RACE DAYS)
  • Scoring – score the racers as they cross the finish line (RACE DAYS)
  • Turn officials – watch racers for fouls, assist with accidents, keep flow of traffic (PRACTICE DAYS, RACE DAYS)

We understand time is valuable and therefore truly value any and all who are willing to help! 

If you are interested in training to fill any of the above positions, please reach out to us!  

We will have a volunteer sign-up board on nights when there are positions that need to be filled. You can sign-up to fill a position you have been trained to fill, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Thank you in advance for being a part of making Santa Maria BMX a successful community that works and plays together!

Workdays typically require heavy machinery and therefore need to be free of children and bikes. Workdays are necessary for the longevity and rideability of the track. Without them, there would be no track to ride.  Work Days usually include rebuilding parts or all of the track, or grounds.


(Want to take a Lead Role?)

  • EVENTS – organize special events
  • FUNDRAISER – create and organize fundraisers
  • SPONSORSHIP – look for sponsorship opportunities to benefit the track and its’ participants
  • PROMOTIONS – visit businesses, schools, media companies, etc. to promote Santa Maria BMX  Promotional material is available.
  • NEWS RELEASES – write articles / blogs / posts to promote track
  • FOOD VENDORS – work with landlord, and county for approval, organize with vendors, and coordinate schedules, promote/advertise
  • VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – gather new volunteers, organize/help the existing volunteers, document training hours.
  • TRAINING  – schedule training, coordinate other trainers
  • TRACK MAINTENANCE– schedule and coordinate workdays
  • ELKS MEMBER LIAISON – a current or future Elks member who is willing to help support Santa Maria BMX growing its’ positive presence in the community
  • CHAMBER OF COMMERCE – someone who is interested in being the face of Santa Maria BMX to promote its’ positive growth within our community
  • NEW RIDER AND FAMILY WELCOME – Riders and Families who are willing to help welcome new riders and families, help them to feel welcome, answer questions, encourage them, and show them around. 
  • NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE – a person or group with a desire or knowledge of non-profits ready to take the lead with this project!
  • SUMMER CAMPS/COACHING/LEAGUES – researching, and putting together coaches, and volunteers, scheduling, promoting and running, training opportunities for all skill levels.


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Santa Maria BMX is a Non-Profit Organization run completely by volunteers. This track, and the opportunity for the riders in this community, would not be available without the help and support of our sponsors and volunteers.

Would you like to support your local BMX community, riders and their track?

We have Sponsorship Levels available for business owners who would like to promote their business while supporting our track:

Support the track while promoting your business:

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If you would like to Sponsor a Rider:

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You can pay for sponsorship directly through our “Shop” page, or you can call and we are happy to speak with you directly!

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