Weekly Schedule

Currently, we have NOT yet reopened. When we reopen, our new schedule, as of that time will be publicly announced and posted.

(October 1, 2020)

PRE-COVID regular schedule:


12pm: Gates Open
12-1pm: Track Prep 1:00-3:00pm Advanced Clinic for Expert and Intermediate Riders 3pm-4pm Track Prep 4pm: Track Opens for practice & race sign-ups
5:30pm: Sign-ups close. 
Racing ASAP
Practice $5 Pedal Race $10 Strider Race $7
Holeshot awards for all main events


5:30pm-7:00pm Beginners/Novice Coaching $10


4:30-5:15pm Strider Practice Only

5:30-7pm Open Practice


4:30pm: Gates Open Track Prep
5:30pm: Open Practice and sign-ups
7:00pm: Sign-ups close.
Racing ASAP
Practice $5 Pedal Race $10 Strider Race $7
Pit Bike Races at Main Break

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