First Time Riders…

What could be more fun than kids, bikes and dirt?

At Santa Maria BMX we provide a safe, family oriented experience for children of all ages, as well as kids at heart!

The following is a guide for first time riders and parents – On your first time out at a USABMX track, USABMX offers a 1 day Free Trial Membership.  At Santa Maria BMX, we also include your first open practice session with free helmet and bike rental.

If your first time to the track is on a coaching or race night, you are welcome to join in.  Racing is $5.00 and coaching is $10.00.

The second time you are ready to ride, you will need to purchase a membership through USABMX.

There are a few options for purchasing a membership:

1. $30 for 30 days (if upgraded to a year within the 30 day trial period, the upgrade to a year is $35)

2. $60 for a full year from sign-up date. $55 for 2nd family member. 50 for 3rd and consecutive riders in the same family.

3. Strider memberships are $30 for a full year from sign up.

You can go onto usabmx to the “riders” section and purchase a “new membership.”  It will first ask you to set up an online account.  Your home track will be “CA SantaMaria BMX”


You can come in any day we are open and we can help you sign up onsite.

Once you have a membership through USABMX, you are covered to ride on the track. You can come join us any day we are open. There is no commitment, maximum or minimum. The only additional fees are for whatever you chose to come participate in.

Our track offers a new rider discount card:

as an option. It can be purchased through our shop here on our site or at the track. It is $110 and includes your 1 year membership with USABMX, your first 5 single point races at SMBMX, and your first 5 open practice sessions. a $135 value.

Read “THIS IS BMX…” on usabmx

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